Saturday, January 28, 2012

Five Things My Teacher Needs to Know About Me

If I was a student... Anne has passed on Allanah's challenge to reflect and add my thoughts to this meme, on what my teacher should know about me!

I am thinking this is quite a timely post as we head into the new school year. I always get excited about the new beginnings but I think, thanks to my PLN, I am more focussed than ever before on setting up a learning environment that is all about the learners rather than me...

So, if I was a student... (actually, if you are helping me with my current learning in any shape or form this year, please help me...)
  1. I need someone to expect more from me... Please see me as what I can be not what I am right now...
  2. Challenge me and inspire me. I need role models who can help me create a vision about all the possibilities.
  3. I need to feel valued. My discoveries are a small piece in our community's learning but they are significant to me and your discoveries can build on mine...  Imagine the power if we could take time to share our discoveries and ask "So What?"
  4. Sometimes I like to work all by myself but other times I LOVE to talk about my ideas.
  5. When I do talk about my ideas, I love it when someone challenges me with one very simple word...

In keeping with the meme I invite  @room162 @pam_thompson @krivett1 @kathryntrask @mrwoodnz - I would love to hear what you all think as you are my #2! :)


  1. Things I want my teacher to know about me:
    1. To know to real me, not just the mask I show the world but the emotional me below the surface.
    2. To know about the things that I care about and show they they care too.
    3. To understand my learning styles and provide opportunities to engage me.
    4. To know my passions and help me explore them.
    5. To challenge my thinking but give me the space and freedom to discover my own answers.

  2. Five things my teacher needs to know about me:
    1. I want to learn something new everyday.
    2. I expect to have time to reflect on my learning and share it with others.
    3. I need to be taken to faraway places and exposed to new ideas.
    4. I need an environment that will give me the opportunity to create new things and know that others will see it.
    5. I want to be a better writer for my audience.

  3. Five things I'd like my teacher to know about me:

    1. I don't always learn things the same way - sometimes I like to see how something works, sometimes I'm happy to read about things, but sometimes I like to try it out myself.
    2. I need to be challenged to share my ideas and know that there isn't always a "right" answer - that it's OK to challenge others' thinking.
    3. I love the idea of communicating and sharing with others, especially with others around the world!
    4. I like to talk things through with others but sometimes I like the time to just reflect on things on my own.
    5. I want to see that you are passionate about learning and that you are a learner yourself.

  4. Shaun, John and Pam - thankyou so much for contributing your thoughts! I am going to share this post with my students on Tuesday at the beginning of their second week... I am hoping they will have had enough time in our class to make links to the 5 things I need to know about them as learners -thankyou so much for your input!

  5. I always get excited about the new beginnings but I think,

  6. Truthfully inspiring and good information. Thank for sharing.