Friday, March 8, 2013

I am Standing on the Shoulders of Giants!

I am officially standing on the shoulders of giants. (I love that metaphor as it aptly applies to my PLN - thanks Mark Osbourne!). 

This year I have the extreme privilege to be inducted into the CORE Education E-Fellowship. We had our first meeting today. 5 new Fellow, Michael and Josephine and small group access to inspiring educators. 

To finally be together as a collaborative learning group has been wonderful. Each of us has arrived with our own passions and interests that have magically woven us together and subsequently provided us with rich conversations. 

I feel like I have been working with this group for far more than just these two days. I can only imagine the dialogue we will be having by October. 

My two biggest “Take-Aways” as I think about my inquiry are:

  1. It begins with the children... What are their needs?
  2. Teaching IS Inquiry

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