Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Treasure Find

 Not a deep, reflective post by any means = sorry.... More a sign that I am ready to head into 2012 and get going :)

It's so hard to explain the magic when you find that perfect artifact...  In my pursuit to set up functional learning spaces and to refine those that worked so well last year, I discovered these desks at the local Salvation Army store.
This is one of our finds photographed in Anne's Classroom.

$15.00 a piece - I could not believe my luck...I was so thrilled with them I had to share them with Anne(@annekenn) and called her into town to "see what I had found"!

I am still exploring the potential of Daily 5 in my literacy programme but believe regardless that these "Stand and Write/ Squat on a barstool" tables are going to be a magic part of our classroom.

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  1. Hey Clair, send me a message on twitter so we can have a chat about furniture and spaces in the classroom - been looking forward to brainstorming with you!