Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Scoop!

Room 7 is suprisingly proud of their blogging name "The Scoopers" and of their video news shows. While we are currently taking a break from these this term, I was most impressed with a recent conversation I heard members of my class having with some visiting teachers.In short, this is what they had to say-
We think you should have your class make a news vlog because...
  • it helps you become more confident with speaking
  • making a news vlog means you are writing for a real reason
  • you get feedback and suggestions from a real audience
  • it's fun
  • people like to watch a video rather than read a whole lot of text.

We have a huge writing cycle on our wall that the children use to prompt them through the stages of writing including conferencing and final drafting which is done using either google docs or Word. This latter stage entails no formatting and this is what they bring to the teacher conference. It should be indicative of what they can do... Over the past 12 months, we have begun to develop specific literacy cycles as a class - these include cycles for podcasting, different genre and blogging cycles. 

Our latest cycle is for our class vlogging. The class has put together the cycle below and have been working on a mocumentary to help subsequent Scoopers put together their "scoop".  


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