Monday, October 10, 2011

Reflecting on the Term...

End of the Term 3, 2011...

It has felt like a crazy term filled with swimming, Stars on Stage,Kapa haka performances and the determination to develop targeted, accelerated learning programmes in literacy and maths so as to see a shift in standards...The former is nothing unusual in any busy school, and the latter is definitely a sign of things to come.

Having said that, I am enjoying the challenge of developing targetted learning programmes and the monitoring of these new programmes. Especially, when there are links being made to the benefits and potential of ICT. This includes tools such as I-Pads and the use of web tools to enhance learning.

At a recent management meeting, we discussed the
  • very significant resources recently purchased including 31 macs for our I-Suite, 12 new laptops and 12 I Pads.
  • pockets of excellence with more than enough evidence that ICT enhances learning
  • 2012 needs to be a year of ICT linked to pedagogy
This meeting then tackled the ideas surrounding what we think is practical in next 12 months?

This is obviously an open ended question and the beginning of our next steps but it was great to be able to throw the following links into the conversation... They definitely sparked the fire... :)

I am most interested in suggestions from my PLN in how I can make maximum use the traditional computer lab...
Finally, the feedback from my kids and their thoughts about learning spaces was enlightening. We have managed to reduce the 32 desks to 16 this term and added two round tables and a rectangular one to the mix. Not bad given there are 31 students in this group... The class make great choices about how they learn and can be seen to migrate to "caves" for individual learning during reading and writing times and then gravitate to tables and other collaborative spaces for inquiry, discussions and maths problem solving. When I asked for their feedback at the end of term, there was a resounding "YES" to continue operating the way we have this term. I even found a wee 'post it' note from Caitlin on my laptop asking me to allow for those quiet caves because "this has really helped her to concentrate and focus on the learning - especially in maths and reading sessions.

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  1. I found it really interesting to ask my class what the ICT suite is for. There were some incredible comments made about the fact that it's just for them to all use computers in another room. Some of the children commented on the fact that it's just like other classes who use our classroom when we are out. I didn't even think about that! Would love to discuss this with you further :)