Friday, January 13, 2012

Pondering and Planning

I was quite taken by the final words in a recent post by Bridget McCrea about "6 Ingredients for the 21st Century Classroom". Most of Bridget's post refers to the physical environment. I am fairly confident that my class and I developed and built this well last year. The design and set up of the classroom most definitely complimented the programme and my personal philosophies. But my "aha" moment has come from these words... "As you design the room make sure you're delivering a suitable classroom teaching environment," said Vidic. "Then start laying the technology on top of that foundation." Hardly rocket science for any teacher but I suddenly see that the first concept for my class, this year is going to be about ownership. They are going to need to have some "buy in" to the classroom. (flickr image from Carlos Porto)

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