Saturday, November 5, 2011

While the Cat’s Away…

I needed to take the day out of the classroom today... Look what I found on Twitter from the relieving teacher...
Never ideal to have to take time out of the classroom when it is unscheduled - look at what happened in my absence! "Well, Ms B was away today and we had Mrs Johnstone work in Room 7. We had to use Graffitti Art, to symbolise something about ourselves…"
I find the whole day affirming... 1) The relieving teacher "tweeted" me and we really only know each other face to face or via early morning phone calls! 2) She was commenting on the tables and layout of the room being "manageable and easy". The fact that she has commented on the "layout" of the room after a term and a half of the class and I developing Learning Spaces is affirming. 3) My kids took photos and posted on the blog in my absence! YAY!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome, your kids are obviously empowered enough to not 'need' you. How cool to get an affirming tweet :)