Friday, November 25, 2011

Six Hat Thinking About Apps...

We unpacked the I-Pads today and used six hat thinking to consider the value of some of the maths apps on our pads.  I need to thank Barbara Reid for the idea after her recent visit down South.
 The excitement was high and if I was to measure their success by initial engagement, I would be off buying a class set.

Once again, my class did me proud in the way that they reflected seriously about how an app might help learning. If not themselves, someone else.

The Wow factor of this session was when we wrapped up with a six hat thinking about the pads themselves. I will share their thoughts next week, once we have "played" with them a bit more.


  1. You have made a great start to working out which apps will be good for your learning.

    We can all learn from what you are doing.


    Moturoa Class


  2. Hi Claire. What a great way to get your kids to evaluate maths apps. I'm looking forward to reading about your findings.

    We are just at the stage of thinking about purchasing some for next year so any thoughts from one of my well-respected PLN are very welcome :-)